Thankful Thursday / episode 22

Do you have one of those friends? One of those friends who seems like she is good at everything she tries? One of those friends that if you didn't love her so much she would drive you crazy because she's so gifted?

I have one of those friends. She's an amazing seamstress, incredible cook, my go-to interior decorating guru not to mention a terrific confidant. She makes me laugh, she cries with me when I cry and she forces me to order larger portions when I forget how big my appetite is (though, she does do that mainly to protect her own meal). I love her so much that it doesn't even bother me that she's a tried and true Southern belle and she thinks Midwesterners are lame.

Episode 22: "Today I am thankful for ... Lisa C."

It's crazy to think that it hasn't been much more than a year that I've known her! I feel like we've been friends forever. Having such a comfortable friendship has been a real blessing to me.

Recently she started blogging about her various creative projects. Did I mention she's crazy creative? Her blog is Everything but the Bag. You really should check it out. I hope you'll love her as much as I do and maybe even pick up a few tips or tricks. It would be appropriate if you did, because it seems like every time I hang out with her she teaches me something.

So today, I am thankful.

Here's a picture of Lisa saying, "Oh my word, Molly. You are too, too kind."

1 comment:

lisa c said...

this was better than winning an acadamolly!

i am sitting up late at night, reading your blog, and crying like a big baby. i am honored and humbled by your kind words.

thank you. i love my molly page!