Thankful Thursday/ episode 10

where has this week gone? have you ever had one of those weeks where you blink and it's thursday? that's about where i am today. we've been busy, but not extraordinarily so. it's just that time has flown by. and i'm feeling it. i'm exhausted. i'm not sleeping great either so that compounds the problem. basically, i feel like i've been hit by an 18 wheeler. i can barely keep my eyes open.

episode 10 "today i am thankful for... moments to pause."

i'm really looking forward to this weekend and am hoping that i find a few minutes or hours... (heck, who am i kidding?) days to just be still. i need a pause. i've been running so quickly i haven't done laundry in 2 weeks (thanks for all the new clothes, lisa. you saved me this week!), my bathroom is a mess and i feel like i haven't actually talked to my husband forever. i need a break. so, i need to take the break that is being offered. otherwise, i fear a meltdown is on the horizon.

yesterday i was explaining that i have a busy weekend ahead and i don't know when i'm going to rest. in response to my complaint i was asked, "what do you have planned that is more important than caring for yourself?" you know, that is a really good question. so, i think a weekend chock full of pause is necessary. no running around. instead, i need to be still (while catching up on a little house work). thankfully, that is exactly what my friday night, saturday and sunday can be all about.

so today, i am thankful.

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