oscars round up

it was my intention to just kind of let the amazing festivities of last sunday stand for themselves, i mean was that a great show or what? but, by popular (or 2 people's) demand, i guess i'll share my 2 cents.

first, bravo, hugh jackman. he was wonderfully charming and funny and entertaining. i love the return of a good production number. if there is ever a time for over the top singing and dancing and glittery costumes it is oscar night (well, and i guess the tonys, but the oscars too, right?). steve martin and tina fey's bit was also really great, "don't fall in love with me." i actually laughed out loud. though i did find myself a bit confused during sean penn's well deserved oscar speech. his plea for our country to recognize gay marriage seemed less powerful when he didn't have the presence of mind to thank his own wife? did anyone else find that bizarre?

the fashion of the evening was spot on. in fact, there was only one time that i screamed at the television, "what is she thinking???" and i swear, jessica biel, it really was your choice of (closed toe, black, die-to-match) shoes, your yucky hair and your poorly hemmed dress that made me mock you. it had nothing at all to do with the fact that you are nursing justin timberlake's broken heart (obviously he's still reeling from brian and my marriage... i mean it is so clear when he's dating someone that bares such a striking resemblance to me. come on!). beyond that, the ladies just looked breathtaking. honestly, i had a really hard time narrowing down who i should showcase. so, i decided to go with a bridal theme. did you notice the delicious over abundance of cream on the red carpet?

taraji p. henson was my favorite of the evening. her roberto cavalli gown was heaven. the textured layers were so amazing. and she was without a doubt THE whole package. perfect hair, make-up, jewelry and a sparkling personality to pull it all together. ms. henson it is so nice to meet you and i hope this award season won't be the last we see of you!

anne hathaway was another stunner on oscar night. the fantastic armani prive creation looked spectacular. in my eyes, ms. hathaway is red carpet royalty. she takes chances and always looks impeccable. those paillettes reminded me of one of my favs last year, marion cotillard. but hathaway's rendition was less va, va, va voom and more la, dee, da elegant. what more can we expect from such a classic beauty?

penelope cruz's gown took awhile to earn my love, but i've finally fallen hard. this balmain creation was absolutely mesmerizing on sunday night. the pattern around the bodice and the detailing of the skirt are just divine. ms. cruz and her dress deserve top honors.

marisa tomei's versace was another that i wasn't too sure about initially. but the origami-esque pleating has won my heart. that gown is a heart stopping work of art. and despite it's overwhelming volume and presence, tomei wasn't overshadowed. her beautiful make-up, understated accessories and flawless hair were to die for. ms. tomei, well played.

and how about amy adams' jewels? that 1950s fred leighton bib necklace stole the show! incredible. i read that it was 630 carats of emeralds, sapphires and rubies! and if that wasn't enough her carolina herrera dress was gorgeous and her hair was A-dorable. her stylist deserves a gold star!

all in all, sunday was a triumph. the red carpet was truly oscar worthy, none of the awards were wholly unexpected or disappointing and the telecast was the most entertaining i've watched in years. bravo.

photo credits: Steve Granitz/WireImage, Steve Granitz/WireImage, Ian West/Landov, John Shearer/WireImage, John Shearer/WireImage

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