it's a conspiracy

i have this theory. i believe that steve jobs and his brilliant team of computer wizards are parties in a HUGE conspiracy. and it looks like brian and i have stepped right into the middle of it. but, i'm blowing the lid off this thing. i believe that the iphone 2Gs were designed to self destruct one month after they come out of their warranty period so that we would all have to purchase the newer and more technologically advanced 3Gs.

i'm not typically a conspiracy theorist, but it just seems to make too much sense. my phone was not abused or dropped in liquid or in any way mistreated and it inexplicably shot craps this week. in fact, for most of its life, it sat in a box in my brother-in-law's bedroom unused. then after just one month of use it begins to act up? out of the blue it developed software issues that couldn't be remedied due to hardware issues... hmmm. pretty fishy. and it all happened just one month and a few days after its warranty expired. coincidence? just doesn't seem possible.

i'll happily report that the customer service we've received from both apple and at&t has been exemplary. we are willingly and happily purchasing a 3G to replace the sabotaged original because the phones are just that amazing. but, i had to go on record as stating that i am aware of your shenanigans, mr. jobs. you haven't pulled a fast one me! now, please accept my $$ along with my gratitude for creating the most awesome phone.

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Matt Ledyard said...

After losing my phone on the trip to Manila, I agonized over which phone should replace my RAZR. I finally forked over the cash for a 3G and have never regretted it for a single second. The phone part of the device is actually incidental to everything else. Brilliant and worth every dime.