subscription dilemma

so, i got an offer in the mail to subscribe to better homes and gardens for a year, super cheap. and i have to admit, i'm feeling conflicted. it is appealing, after all the deal is great and i do desire to have a better home and perhaps even one day a garden. but, i'm worried that if i get a subscription it will officially enter me into the domestic, married and old demographic. it's one thing to buy the occasional domino or a (now defunct) cottage living, but to officially subscribe to better homes and gardens??? i feel like that might be crossing a line i'm not yet prepared to cross.

for years the only magazines that have found my name on the little white mailing label are in style, us weekly and mother jones. all of which make me feel like i'm keeping current - fashion, gossip, lefty politics - and make me feel "with it". but better homes and gardens? i just can't help but feel a knot in the pit of my stomach. when did i settle down and become a grown woman looking to "get organized: 45 smart ways to cure clutter forever"? because i still really feel more like a "super easy sexy hair" kind of gal.


Amie said...

so, i have a subscription to better homes and gardens-and while they give you great tips to better your home & garden they do give you alot of great recipes and menus-around the holidays you can always count on a cute decorating, gift or craft ideas-i would recommend it, although I also LOVE southern living! I just made a fantastic and easy southwest soup recipe tonight from the mag!

Molly Page said...

Well, I consider you very hip, with-it and super trendy. You know how much I admire you and your taste! So, Amie, you have changed my perception of the Better homes and Gardens reader... Thank you!!!!!!!!!