Thankful Thursday/ episode 4

my thighs are not feeling so good. i'm a bit achy this evening. like everyone else and their brother, for me the new year brought a return to the gym (after a bit of a hiatus). last night my girlfriend and i completed day one of this "military" workout. the workout consists primarily of different types of push ups, crunches and lunges. let me tell ya, my muscles didn't even wait until the next day to start revolting. on the drive home last night, my legs were shaking like a polaroid picture.

i realized as i painfully walked down stairs today just how fortunate i am. not only do i have the luxury of a gym membership, i have a body that is healthy enough to work out. that's pretty awesome. i've spent years taking those things for granted, but they will be taken for granted no more.

episode 4: "today i am thankful for... the ability to exercise."

not everyone has the luxury of a membership to a newly renovated and conveniently located gym. i'm even totally blessed because i have friends who are members there and will encourage me to come to classes. plus, i can mix things up and do all sorts of different kinds of exercises! which translates to no burn out. some people suffer from life long injuries or physical limitations that don't allow them to do the variety of physical activities that i am able to do. you know, i'm really fortunate! sore, but fortunate.

so, today i am thankful.

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