7 days 'til Christmas

I've become a blog addict. There is no need for intervention. Not one person (except perhaps the donors who pay my salary) is being harmed by the hour or so I spend throughout the day with my new voyeuristic obsession. It's never ending, I just keep finding more and more to pore over. Repeatedly I’m impressed and a little jealous of the amazing sites out there. When I grow up, I want to be a professional blogger. Wouldn't that be so much fun?? Anyway, more on that another day... The reason I bring it up is that I found the most fun post that I am absolutely stealing. (...love maegan has become one of daily indulgences!)

Dear Santa,

Times are tough economically (I’m sure you get nightly news at the north pole). I really don't feel it's kosher to ask my loved ones to fulfill the following list. But, when it comes to asking you, I really have no qualms. Only you could pull some of these requests out of that magical bag

this beautiful mirabelle dress by mayle

an iphone

gabby satchel by fossil

A New MacBook

High-Wasted Joe's Jeans

These Amazing Louboutin Mary Jane's

1 carat princess cut diamond studs

2009 VW Bug Convertible

A (pet friendly) Condo in Downtown Chicago

Thanks for considering. I promise not to be too disappointed if you can't bring them all. But seriously, with the market the way it is, you should be able to get that condo for a steal. Don't worry, we'll cover moving expenses.

Looking forward to your surprises on Christmas morning,

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