thankful thursday/episode 2

since we moved down here we've made it a point to stay out of st. louis for Christmas. we've found it is easier to travel over thanksgiving since it's a built-in weekend...for brian it's super difficult to get vacation days around the holidays. but that's not the only reason we've stayed in chattanooga for Christmas. see, we're both children of divorced parents which means 4 different houses to visit biological parents alone. when you add step parents, extended and surrogate families to the mix you're looking at a non-stop day of travel. honestly, it's like a million stops. faced with the craziness, we've always opted for sticking around here and seeing movies all day. definitely a low stress alternative.

but this year we decided to go to st. louis instead. over the past couple of days we've been trying to figure out the game plan for Christmas day. we've juggled and rearranged and attempted to accommodate (our immediate family) 20+ people's schedules. it's been a stressful endeavor. the negotiations have led to hurt feelings and disappointments.

are you asking where the "thankful" part comes in? because it's more than just the fact that we got it all figured out without any bloodshed. i mean it's thankful thursday i need something bigger than that! we are so fortunate to have a ton of people excited to see us. i'm thankful for our great big, dysfunctional, crazy, loving family. yah, they're spread out all over the city which makes for lots of driving and a SUPER long day. sure they all have expectations that they place on us. but there is so much love to go around. it's worth every moment of stress. we are truly blessed to have such an amazing family.

so today, i am thankful.

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