4 days 'til Christmas

boy does the time fly when you're busy fa la la la la-ing. this weekend quickly passed and it's back to work. though, i'd like to lobby for a work week like this EVERY week. just one full day (today) and then we go out for a staff lunch tomorrow at 12:30! and that's all she wrote until the new year.

since we plan to hit the road as quickly as we can tomorrow afternoon, i have a ton of packing to do this evening. i'm happy to report that my shopping/wrapping/Christmas preparations are complete. whooppeee. i get more and more excited as each hour passes! soooo very soon we'll be on the road, with the music blaring to drown out the barking dog (we tried the meds over the weekend, and let's just say spikey has the tolerance of a sailor on shore leave) with our car jam packed full of gifts and pee pads. honestly, the list of things to bring for that creature is twice as long as my list of "must haves". he's 6 pounds! but his junk will fill half of the car quite probably.

while i've got your attention, i do have to brag a little. i mentioned that i did all the wrapping this weekend. and the packages turned out beautifully. i'll have to post some pictures. even years ago when i was all "bah humbug" about Christmas, i loved to wrap gifts. now since i've dipped into the Christmas crack, it seems my wrapping becomes more elaborate each year. this year, i made my own wrapping paper! seriously, i did. inspired by one of my favorite co-workers (and definitely one of the most creative people i know) i painted white snowflakes on brown paper and tied them with raffia bows. i'm stoked about how pretty they turned out. in fact, when the martha stewart Christmas special came on fine living this weekend, i didn't even feel "less than" for one second. i couldn't help wondering if i could teach her a thing or two.

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