i'm baaaack

i trust your Christmas and new year celebrations were memorable. ours were just ducky. sorry to leave you hangin' and abandon the countdown to Christmas. who knows, maybe next year i'll be better organized and a bit more focused. honestly, i had the best intentions of writing a little something each day to finish it up and it just didn't happen. turns out it was great to take a bit of time away though. i focused on living life rather than writing about it. and it was really nice to simply enjoy friends, family and some time away from chattanooga. as much as i am capable of doing so, i lived an unexamined life. and what's even more amazing? i was barely connected to the internet (well, until we got our i phones) and i survived! who would have thought?

but the break is coming to an end so i'm back to the keyboard. i'm back to over analyzing, back to over sharing and back to talking things to death. so, ready or not, here comes 2009.

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