update on the boys

i promise i don't typically talk about my pets as though they are children. i don't have children, we don't want children (gasp), and i didn't get my pets to prepare for parenthood. that being said, my pets are spoiled rotten. they live the high life. they want for nothing. as evidenced by the fact that vance went in for his yearly check up today and he weighs 13 pounds.

13 freakin' pounds!!!

"molly, your cat isn't too fat," you say. "13 pounds isn't all that big." but, i disagree. vance has developed a pear shape. and he's 3 times as big as his brother... WHO'S A DOG.

oh, speaking of his little brother, spike has developed irritable bowls. our fluffy, adorable, little beast has a habit of dropping bombs. he's shameless and wholly without self control. at first the little toots were entertaining. he's small, so his farts were too. small = cute, right? problem though, small + frequent = annoying real quick. and let me just say that i'm seldom grateful when i'm caught down wind.

too much information?

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Whitney said...

Our cat weighs 20 lbs. Yep- now THAT is a big cat.