It's the End of an Era

I’ll admit I haven't watched TRL in years. The inane interviews and the screeching fans just got to be too much after awhile. Who could stand that vacuous parade of veejays they kept offering up? But, as I watch the total finale (I’ll admit I’m drooling over my ex-bf, Justin Timberlake) I can't help but remember all the good times we shared years ago. TRL supplied my pop fix on a regular basis. Back when Carson ruled the afternoon and pop music was king, it sure was fun. So, I thought I’d point you toward a couple videos just for old times’ sake.

Remember Bye, Bye, Bye? Come on Justin’s blond 'fro was hot, admit it. And you cannot deny that he can moooove.

What about Oops...I did it again? Remember when Britney was only overexposed? Remember when she hadn't yet earned “nut-job” status? (At least as far as we knew...)

Or what about I Want it That Way? Because those Backstreet Boys ("Boys", really?) are tools, but that really is a great pop song.

So, farewell TRL. We can't say you've aged well, but you will definitely be remembered for years to come as a magnificent platform for self-promotion as well as ear splitting fan outbursts.

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