the turkey has entered the building

the countdown has begun. 3 days until turkey dinner!!!!
thanksgiving, with its total focus on food (oh yah, and thankfulness) may be my most favorite(ist) of all holidays.

this year will be the first time i ever attempt to cook an entire thanksgiving dinner. we've got family coming down (so there will be others to help when i find myself in the weeds), and i'm super excited to play hostess.

the menu is planned.
the groceries are purchased.
the turkey is thawing (no, i didn't get a fresh/organic/hormone free bird...i'm cooking old school).
and my tummy is already growling.

i'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

My only suggestion is to try to keep from puncturing the foil pan that you cook the turkey in, so that you can avoid a grease fire when attempting the gravy over a gas flame. Oh I lied, one more little oops, make sure that the turkey is fully thawed so that you can eat on the day that you originally planned. I love you and hope all goes well.
it will. My biggest responsibility this year is a rum bottom chocolate pie.
Happy eating.