the puppy - chapter 7

it's been awhile since i have reported on how the pup is doing. he's 16 months now and is, for the most part, a pleasure to have around. he wakes up every morning and is completely full of joy. he absolutely loves being in the new house, is having a blast terrorizing his brother, and makes us laugh on a daily basis.

now to the bragging part...i remember reading somewhere that a dog has the mental capacity to learn more than 100 english words!! little spike is well on his way. i thought i'd share with you some of the words and phrases that he's learned... what's amazing is that with the exception of the first two, we haven't purposefully taught him ANY of these.






pookerbutt (the last 3 are nicknames that we've given him)


good boy

good potty

are you hungry?

where's your toy? (sends him looking for one of his 1000 toys laying on the floor)


hey! (means "stop whatever it is you are doing")

let's go (means "come out of this room i'm closing the door so you can't chew on everything in sight")

drop it

i'm gonna get you (is his cue to run and begin a chasing game around the house)

come here (which he believes means "run over to me and stop barking for a few seconds" and we take what we can get)

humperdink (means "we're interrupting your private moment with the pillow/stuffed animal")

where's daddy?

get in your bed

no, sir (said in a very shaming voice and means"stop pulling the toilet paper down the hall from the guest bathroom" or "stop chewing ______ "[use your imagination, that blank could be any number of things])
i know, it is incredibly impressive. and your suspicions are correct, he is a truly gifted pup.


Anonymous said...

Has he gotten a haircut?

Amie said...

he truly is a genious! coco..!-i just don't have any words to say about her...she is now 4 years old i believe and all she does is bark...i was lied to when i was told mini schnauzers EVENTUALLY grow out of it...i will have to say she does smile though..when she knows not to bark at chris she just smiles at him....