books, books, books

maybe a month or so ago i got a chain letter, i mean an invitation to a "book club" in the mail. i have to admit, that i'm not typically a chain letter person. but this one was just so tempting. the process was simple and the benefits seemed worth my time. what i found so compelling about this "book club" was that i would be sent books recommended by others i might not know. the concept appealed to my sense of adventure... well, and to my desire for free stuff. so, i mailed off my book, my letters and i anxiously awaited my windfall of paperbacks to arrive from across the globe.

I'll admit, i didn't even come close to receiving the 36 books promised in the chain letter. (which probably shouldn't have shocked me.) however, what i did receive was something much, much better. seems like lately, my life has gotten into a routine of work, eat, television, facebook, rock band, sleep. i haven't read anything in months!!! truly, it's a travesty. and i've felt the void in my life, big time. but, when the books started coming in the mail (all 3 of them) i was apprehensive. without a doubt, the ones i got i NEVER would have picked up off the shelf at barnes & noble (a little plug in there for you christina!!! that one's free) but so far, i've finished one and am in the process of reading the 2nd. i've loved every minute of both. this silly little chain letter has been a pretty cool experience. i've been re-gifted my passion for reading!

i'm not ready to totally give up my electronic entertainment by any means... in fact i beat rock band the other day on medium guitar ~ please hold your applause. but it's nice to be reminded that there are sooooo many great pieces of literature out there to be enjoyed. in fact, it's prompted me to start a chattanooga chapter of the book club that i had to leave behind in st. louis! (this will be an ACTUAL bookclub ~ no postage required.)

so thanks for the "book club" letter, if you ladies are reading. and thank you for your hard work in getting people to continue with the "book club", christina. it has been a true gift.

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