it's been nearly 2 years and i'm hitting 100 posts. 100 posts and 4 loyal readers! not too shabby.

to celebrate i'm considering going "public". up until now, this blog has been a kind of a semi-private thing. i've only told a handful of people about it. and if you notice, i've never shown my face... i only admitted to being a "molly" a few months ago! it wasn't because i had anything to hide. well, that isn't entirely true... when i first started and i was regularly trashing chattanooga, small towns and the south in general i really didn't want anyone i met down here to know i was whining about them or their home. i didn't want fear to keep me from writing what was really on my mind. so i stayed anonymous. but now, i'm not so afraid. my opinions are changing, i'm growing and i'm not so ashamed to admit that i had a really difficult time adjusting down here. so i vented a bit, (see nearly ALL my posts in 2006 and early 2007) so what? i think some of it was funny... it wasn't all mean, right? and it's not like i'm censoring my opinions of southern weirdness in the real world. so, i think i'm prepared to stop hiding this part of me. it's time to bring "a foreign land" out into the light of day.

why the change of heart you might ask? well, i'll tell you. i found the blog of an old friend in st. louis by reading her facebook wall (some might consider it a bit stalkerish, but what else are social networking pages for except getting into other people's business???) anyway, i enjoyed reading her thoughts and wanted to share my blog with her. and i've been feeling that way a lot lately. so now i'm seriously considering putting "a foreign land" on my facebook page (yes, i'm obsessed... two posts about facebook in a week, i know i need help). there's still some apprehension though. i would be inviting all those "friends" into my stuff.

but, i mean, it isn't like i'm opening the door WIDE because who really reads the personal stuff on those sites anyway? probably it won't increase traffic here all that much. but it's a small step away from total anonymity. my writings would be a lot less protected and mentally i'd know they were "out there" to be found by people i know.

first though, i need to come up with an amazingly witty post to really draw people in and make them want to keep coming back. damn, where's my sense of humor when i need it?


Anonymous said...

How you must have felt when I admitted to you I had stalked you by reading your blog after you showed us a picture of your house posted here!

I must admit after reading your "rants" (may I call them rants?) about our little, hick town here in the south I actually felt sorry for you! LOL! I would read and say a quick little prayer for you! I mean, seriously, some of those writings were sounding a little bitter. hee, hee

Then I went to St. Louis to serve on a women's retreat and then I knew what your problem was...those ladies up there are serious business...I got looks like I was from a different planet when I would burst into uncontrollable laughter. I like to think of my spells of laughter as being filled with the Spirit, apparently they don't understand that up there. I mean if Missouri is still the "Show Me" state then show me some joy!

It was then the Lord showed me how we can be different, in fact, He made us that way. So, at that point I could feel your pain because if I moved up there I would have to adjust, just as you have had to adjust down here. We aren't wrong, just different. You guys aren't wrong, just different. Aren't you glad the Lord made us that way? We'd be so boring if we all sounded the same, did the same things, wore the same clothes, enjoyed the same activities, etc.

So you go girl, public that is. Don't worry about what others will think (that's their problem, not yours). Be free to be real and just be you! From your hicky, southern friend, I give you permission to rant all you want!

Just spreading the joy!
Amy D.

P.S. The comments in this post are not meant to offend. If you were able to hear my voice reading these words you would hear a sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Ms Amy ran into the wrong group of women 'up here'. Some of us do enjoy uncontrollable burst of laughter for breakfast, lunch and after dinner snack.

With that being said, I also say, go for it. I love the new look, I love the 'sectioned' off portions broke into groups, I have been reading some of your older blogs I hadn't seen before, and I sit here, cry laughing at my computer. And yes, i do get some strange looks when doing so, but when asked, I say....."its Molly" and I get a "omg, I understand" look and we share your experiances together, laughing. Even miles, miles away, you bring laughter and tears to our eyes and we feel like you are right there. Share yourself with the world. You were meant to. I love you.