Random Olympic Thoughts and Observations

I had to eat my words again this week. On Friday before the opening ceremonies I said, "The Olympics don't really interest me too much. I'm not all that into them." Less than a week into the controversial Beijing games, and I’m way "into them". I've watched all of Phelps' medal ceremonies, rode the emotional roller coaster with the women's gymnastics team and even enjoyed beach volleyball (did you hear them play the "Baywatch theme")?!?!

Here are some random thoughts and observations:

Have we really reached a point in our cultural development where middle aged, blond, white women are using the phrase "in the house" on television and expecting to be taken seriously as journalists?

Did you get this email? This was one of several shots of the food that vendors are selling on the snack streets near the Olympic village. In case the picture is too small or you think your eyes are deceiving you, those are silk worms, black scorpions, dung beetles &cicadas. I'm all for ethnic food and I’m quite an adventurous eater, but I don't think even I could eat those...

How has Michael Phelps had the energy to breathe much less win 5 (as of right now) gold medals and blow world records out of the water? He's swimming at least one qualifying race and a medal race each day! Totally amazing.

Do you spell Romania with a "u" in Romania? Because their abbreviation is ROU... I don't get it.

Doesn't it bother the female gymnasts when their leotards are constantly riding up their butts?

That is one weird wrap on Kerri Walsh’s shoulder... It's almost as strange as Misty May-Treanor's habit of spreading her mom's ashes over the court after gold medal matches.

Could we put a kibosh on the John McCain "Superstar" ad? How many times do we really need to see it? 

How bizarre is the story about the Chinese woman's gymnastics team all being under age but being allowed to compete because the "home team" produced allegedly fake passports confirming their eligibility? One of the teeny tiny competitors can supposedly walk under the balance beam!! The team's average weight is 77 pounds... That doesn't seem fishy to the Olympic committee?

Am I the only one who just loves the personal profiles of the athletes thrown into the programming? I have to admit I especially love it when there is some sort of controversy or scandal in the athlete's personal life. Oh, come on...my love of tabloid television makes me feel patriotic. It's one of my quintessential American qualities.

U-S-A! U-S-A!


Anonymous said...

When my television is on it's on the olympics! I'm absolutely hooked on it! But then, I'm a sucker for major sporting events!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping for ONE more comment so I could forward this email to David Letterman to use......Top ten......Random Olympic Thoughts. Funny stuff bb.