Mmm Mmm Monday: A Tasty Tour

The only thing about Chicago that might be more intriguing than its architecture is its food. There I said it. I may be an architecture geek at heart, but my rumbly tummy is often in charge. What can I say? The stomach wants what the stomach wants.

So when the fantastic crew at Vimbly offered me the opportunity to use their newly launched Chicago site to pick one of thousands of activities and classes, Chicago Food Planet's Gold Coast & Old Town Food Tour was a no brainer.

I was in heaven! As a hungry Chicago enthusiast I found it to be a great mix of history, architecture and delicious treats. We chowed through seven tastings in three hours and picked up a bit of foodie trivia along the way.

DID YOU KNOW... It wasn't until 1943 that Chicago style pizza was deep dish? Prior to that, pizza in this part of the world was served on a much thinner crust. However, during the depression, Ike Sewell, the owner of pizzeria Uno, and his pizza chef, Rudy Malnati, developed the thicker crust as a more substantial option to feed hungry customers.

Our guide, Jess, was personable, engaging and created a relaxed environment where we could learn a ton while we chowed down. I look forward to giving the Chinatown tour a try next! Who's in?

Chicago makes my goal to live as a tourist in my own town a particularly easy and enjoyable pursuit. I'm excited to discover and explore Vimbly for my next adventure!

I received my Chicago Food Planet Tour at no charge courtesy of Vimbly but all the opinions in this post are 100% mine & 100% true.