Soggy Saturday Night

Every Wednesday and Saturday night throughout the summer there are fireworks over Chicago's Navy Pier. Even though we're able to see them from our couch, a field trip to watch them up close and in person felt like an obvious summer to do to add to my list.

Glowing Chicago

On Saturday night we had a date night on the Pier.

Fried Dough + Gelato before the rain started...

The night started out promising. The company was fantastic. We found dessert - fried dough covered in sugar and topped with gelato, whipped cream, peanuts and incentive to exercise. We got there early and settled on the perfect bench to patiently wait for the show.

It was a beautiful night to be on the pier. Temps were cool enough to need a jacket. There were lots of people and boats to watch plus a beautiful skyline to ogle. Well, until around 10:10 PM when the rain started coming down.

Incidentally, the fireworks start at 10:15 PM.

Navy Pier Fireworkds
A Disappointing Night for Fireworks Pictures... blah

We decided to try to stick it out. After all, what's a little rain?

Navy Pier Abstract

Wellllllllll, it turns out looking UP at fireworks isn't super easy when rain is falling DOWN.

After about 10 minutes we ran for the hills and ended the night a bit soggier than we planned. But we've decided this item on our summer to do list should be marked "to be continued."

Speaking of Fireworks - Where are you watching them for this week's holiday?