K is for Killer Food

Soooooo, clearly today's "K" is a bit of stretch. Do you forgive me?

If you've been reading A Foreign Land for a while, it shouldn't be a surprise that one of my favorite parts about living in Chicago is all the amazing, delicious food.

This week, the handsome hubby and I had a spectacular, er I mean killer meal at Bavette's Bar and Boeuf.


From the fresh baked bread we were served while we studied the menu to the chocolate cream pie that ended the evening, every bite was memorable.

Bavette's is a classic steak house with an old world feel. It's a dark, romantic dining room and our service was friendly, knowledgeable and appropriately attentive. They were present without being pushy; helpful without being bossy.

oysters dessert

The surprise of the night was the smoked trout Caesar salad. It was your classic Caesar with a twist.  The smokey fish was perfectly balanced with a generous dose of citrus brightness. Accented with thin potato crisps rather than the traditional heavy croutons this salad was pretty stinking fantastic.

Our fresh oysters, thick juicy steaks and sinfully, rich dessert (accompanied by french press), made for a killer meal. And I mean Killer with a capital K.

I'm already a member of the Doughnut Vault fan club, so now I'm ready to try the other restaurants in Brendan Sodikoff’s Chicago Empire (Gilt Bar, Au Cheval and Maude's Liquor Bar).

If you're in Chicago have you tried any of these?
If you're not, what's the most "Killer" meal you've had recently?

**I'm not the only one raving about Bavette's -
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