H is for Hancock Tower

As a confessed architecture geek, obviously I believe that "H" is for The (John) Hancock tower.

Completed in 1969, "Big John" was designed by architect Bruce Graham of famed Chicago firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. This 100-story beauty is 1,127 feet (343.5 meters) tall and a stunningly sleek example of modern design.

Hancock Tower

Once a year, brave (or crazy) participants are given an opportunity to climb all 1632 stairs to the 94th floor.  Hustle up the Hancock raises funds for a local respiratory health association. Kind of sounds like a bucket list addition to me... If you don't agree you could always just write a check and take the nation's fastest elevators up to the top instead. It only takes 39 seconds to get to the top!

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Does your bucket list include any outrageous fitness challenges?