The ONLY Bathroom Photos I Will Probably EVER Publish

There are a few rules that I try to hold fast to. One of those involves cameras in the bathroom. I'm officially going on record to say, that I can't remember very many bathroom mirror photos that I've found either flattering or necessary. And they are most DEFINITELY NOT for public consumption. As far as any other of type of photography in a bathroom, honestly, I'm  not going to let my imagination even go there.

However, last weekend I broke the rules. I took several pictures while in the ladies room and let me show you why.

Hancock Tower - The Signature Room

High above the Streeterville (is that really a neighborhood?) neighborhood, there is a magical ladies room. This magical ladies room has enormous windows. Outside those enormous windows one is privy to a magnificent view of Chicago.

Hancock Tower

On the 95th and 96th floors of the John Hancock you'll find the Signature Room and the Signature Lounge. It seems to me that the architect reserved the best views for the restroom. I tell ya, it is breathtaking. As I was snapping photos with my phone, someone said, "I've never seen so many pictures taken in the bathroom before in my life." I wanted to quip back, "Obviously you haven't been on MySpace." But I was too enamored with the view to let the snark pass through my lips. I wasn't the only one. There must have been 3 or 4 other ladies standing at the window snapping pictures.

As a side note, the stalls in the bathroom were empty. 

Hancock Tower - 95th Floor

I'm happy to report that I didn't stumble on this view on my own. Last Sunday afternoon, after the parade, I had the pleasure of a little girl time with Miss Heather of Smart and Savvy Style. Heather and I had a get to know you date over a cup of coffee in the Signature Lounge. {Why didn't we take a picture of the two of us together, Heather? We're bad bloggers.} It was Heather's idea to meet at the Hancock tower. After seeing that bathroom window, I'm so glad she made the suggestion.

Hancock Tower - a View from the Ladies' room

Not only did I get a chance to meet Heather for the first time, I was introduced to an extremely inexpensive way to fall more deeply in love with Chicago. I mean, come on, isn't she beautiful? As I type this my mind is racing. I can't wait to visit the bathroom, I mean the Signature Room at night, or on a bright sunny day, or maybe even when it's foggy. The possibilities are endless. 

This field trip and Miss Smart and Savvy's brilliant invitation has convinced me that there must be lots of amazing ways to discover this city for very little or maybe even NO money. I consider this my newest challenge and I can't wait to share what I discover with all of you!

If you're a local blogger (or non-blogger) that knows about an inexpensive or free activity in Chicago, I'd love to get the chance to meet you too! Leave a comment or shoot me an email.