Back to the Land of the Living

In mid-February I got zapped.

For nearly two weeks I was less than 100% healthy. It was pretty miserable.

Sick Day

Without my consent, a parade of bugs invaded my body and marched over my immune system showing no mercy. Each day was a surprise. Each morning I woke up with different symptoms.

My version of "sick" mutated several times. It started out like the flu. My doctor checked and I didn't have THE flu. (I'm convinced I had next year's flu - I mean I am typically ahead of the curve...) But after a few days of that my symptoms ran the gamut and confounded my incredibly patient and thorough doctor. After 8 vials of blood drawn and a few other assorted tests, we never ended up with a definitive diagnosis. Harumph. Eventually I just felt better.

I think what surprised me most was how long it took me to get back to "normal." Losing that much productivity was tougher to recover from than those icky, invading germs. Even once I felt better physically, I was under water mentally. It seemed like I would never cross everything off the list. I was frustrated and exhausted.

Thankfully I finally feel like I'm back in the land of the living. Recovery seemed to last as long as the illness itself! But I'm grateful for the love, support, patience and help of my hubby, friends, co-workers, and doctors. As frustrating as the time loss was and as miserable as I felt, I can't help but feel appreciation. I really take my health for granted. At the end of all of this, I got better. I feel healthy and well again. Plus, I'm so fortunate to have a support system and adequate medical benefits with the financial resources to supplement them. I get that neither of those things are a given. As annoying as it was, this was an eye opening experience.

For that I'm thankful.

Have you been hit by the crud this year?