A Slightly Selfish Way to Serve

I've discovered a slightly selfish way to serve the arts community in Chicago.

It's a way of giving of my time (and a little bit of money) but it isn't exactly without benefit for me. In fact, the benefit for me is kinda huge.

Since June of 2012 I've been a member of The Saints. I'm one of over 2000 people who serve eighty of the Chicago's theater, dance and music organizations. We stuff envelopes and programs, we answer phones but most often we act as ushers.

Bow Tie Nutcracker Potted Potter Sister Act
my bow tie | The Auditorium Theatre | me at Potted Potter | a Sister Act program

But here's the kicker. Once we spend an hour or two before a performance welcoming guests and pointing the way to the restroom or the bar, we get to take a seat inside the theatre for the show. And our seat is complimentary.

You guys, I'm getting to see a TON of dance. I'm seeing a variety of musicals and plays. I'm getting to listen to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. I'm able to listen in on sound checks and watch rehearsals before the theatre doors open. And I'm doing it all for a very small donation and a little bit of my time.

It's incredible.

In March alone I'm going to get to see Alvin Ailey, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, and Giordano Dance Chicago. And yesterday I signed up to work two days of TEDx Midwest in May!

I wish that I could say I got involved with the Saints simply because I was excited to be a part of an organization that provides grants to not-for-profit performing arts organizations located in Chicago. (which they do) But, my motives were slightly more selfish. I wanted to wear a bow tie. Oh, and I wanted to see the shows.

If you're in Chicago and this sounds like something you might like to do, you can find more information on The Saints website or ask me!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who serves in a slightly selfish way.
Is there a way that you give of your time that really ends up giving back to you 
much more than you could have ever imagined?