The Transition is Happening

It's been a year since we made Chicago our home.

Now, if I was a good blogger I would have written a post on the anniversary. I would have made a list of all the highlights of our first year. I would have marked the occasion.


Speaking of a year in Chicago... I can happily report that the transition from newbie to native is definitely happening. I recognize it more and more every day.

Last week I checked my weather puppy app before heading out the door. That adorable little pooch let me know that it was 33° outside.

I thought to myself, "Man, it's warm today!" So I decided to put on a winter jacket instead of my big, puffy, sleeping bag style coat.

Self Reflection

If that's not Chicago native behavior, I'm just not sure what is.

Do you remember suddenly feeling at home in a new place?
Was it one moment or a gradual transition?