Chicago's Picasso Connection

“I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else." 

Pablo Picasso 

Source: artic.edu via Molly

Did You Know... The Art Institute of Chicago was the first art museum* in the US to present the work of Pablo Picasso?

It's true, 100 years ago the Art Institute hosted The Armory Show. It was a collection of the most radical and progressive artists of the time. Picasso, a young Spaniard who would become the preeminent artist of the 20th century, was one of several artists introduced to American audiences through that particular show.

Source: artic.edu via Molly                             Source: artic.edu via Molly

Now 100 years later, the Art Institute is kicking off another spectacular Picasso event. Picasso and Chicago started Wednesday, February 20th and runs through May 12th.

We had a chance to check out the exhibit yesterday. It's incredibly informative. Who knew Picasso had such strong ties to Chicago when he never even stepped foot in town? I was intrigued by the story the exhibition presents of Chicago's development as a significant center for modern art in America.

as far as my camera was permitted...

If I were to raise one objection it would only be one of personal preference. The exhibition is packed with Picasso's magnificent pencil sketches. But as a person who responds primarily to color and texture, they often left me hungry for the next big, beautiful canvas.


I'm absolutely tickled by the incredible lineup of special programming planned over the coming months. There will be performances by Hubbard Street Dance, a chamber concert by members of the CSO, and a variety of lectures and film.

I intend to go full-on Picasso nerd this spring.

Anyone in Chicago (or within road trip distance) interested in joining me?

*Art Museum is an important qualifier here... the Armory Show was also in Boston and New York. But not in their art museums!