I Resolve Not to Resolve Only in January

I'm a list maker. Have you noticed?

But one list I've gotten out of the habit of making is a list of New Year's Resolutions.

I just don't have the stomach for it. My failure rate is so high that it has zapped all the fun out new year's resolving. Who can take the pressure? Who can stand the crowds at the gym? Who says my life needs all that much work? (please note that sarcastic font was used to type that last sentence) Although, sarcasm aside, I am pretty content with things just as they are most days - which is possibly a result of my non-resolution resolution of 2011.

Traditional new year's resolutions just aren't really my thing.

Instead of starting fresh only on January 1st, I tend to make resolutions all year long.  Who can wait until January? Navel gazing is an activity that I have mastered no matter the season. All that self reflection inevitably leads to truck loads of things "to do." Whenever I'm feeling particularly in need of a change I make a list full of new resolutions or add a resolution to one of my ever evolving lists.

Exhibit A: The Ultimate To DO List
Exhibit B: Day Zero List (My time runs out in June - ahhhhhh)
Exhibit C: To Read List
Exhibit D: To Watch List

I guess in my world every day has January 1st potential.

How about you? Are you a January resolver or do your resolutions happen year round?