Operation Fruit Cake

I've mentioned once or twice that this is our first Chicago Christmas season. I'm in a merry, merry mood about it and have been inspired to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas (a little early) here on la bloggy blog.

On the first day of our Chicago Christmas we considered a new holiday tradition: Fruit Cake.

Having never tried Fruit Cake before, I thought it might be a fun project that might also qualify for my quest to "Eat 25 Foods that Make Other People Gag."

Confession: That is not my fruit cake.

But it IS the fruit cake that inspired my fruit cake.

It turns out the fruit cake baking process is way more intensive than I anticipated. Three days more intensive... Here's the run down.

Day One: Candy Cherries and Prepare Fruit.

Candied Cherries


Day Two: Bake Cake.

Fruit Cake


Day Three: Drench in Golden Syrup and wait for the cake to drink it in.



Day Four: Eat.

Fruit Cake


Now, I won't say that Fruit Cake is my favorite holiday treat. But it's far from gag-worthy... and that's a good thing because we have a boat load of it.

Thankfully, according to the recipe, it will keep for months if you continue to drench it in syrup regularly. I have a hunch that it will taste even better as it drinks in more syrup. I mean what doesn't?

"We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup."
Buddy the Elf
This fruit cake is incredibly dense and not overly sweet (probably needs more syrup). If you decide to make the recipe, I suggest you cut it in half, thirds or maybe fifths. (Seriously we have 5 cakes and more batter in the fridge). Also, I really wish that I'd set aside some candied cherries to make the top festive.  Other than that, I deem operation fruit cake to be a rousing success.

So tell me, fruit cake, yay or nay?