Nog of Egg

So are you holidayed out?

Because I have a little more Christmassy stuff to talk about if you can stomach it.  I wouldn't keep writing about it, except that this little adventure killed 3 birds with one stone.  This means that documenting it is an absolute MUST.

You guys, I made HOMEMADE egg nog.  That's right.  Egg Nog.  From Scratch.  And it was delicious.  Don't believe me?  Well, I have witnesses.  My very, very brave friend Tiffany and her husband came over on Christmas Eve (before we each went separate ways to see different movies) to share a glass (or 3) of egg nog and a few little treats.

Here's the thing.  Neither my husband nor Tiffany are fans of store bought egg nog.  But, my homemade version was a total hit.  They were guzzling the extra rich and creamy concoction down!

It turns out, egg nog isn't all that difficult to make.  And since I had farm fresh eggs to use (I've been getting them from Tiffany's Dad for months now - and I'm telling you they are head and shoulders better than those things you buy in the grocery store) I felt totally comfortable about trying what some might consider a semi-risky recipe. 

I should warn you; this egg nog is even more rich than the kind you find at the grocery store.  But, it is absolutely delectable. In fact, as I write this post, I just got a text from Tiff who said she's been dreaming about the egg nog.  If that's not a testimonial, I'm really not sure what is.

Now, for the three birds with one stone part.  One of the items on my Ultimate TO DO list is to try 25 things that might make others gag.  Check. One of the tasks on my Day Zero list (is anyone else having trouble with that website all of a sudden?) is to make 5 things on the Instructables.com website.  Check.  And the hubby and I have been trying to get together with Tiffany and her husband for awhile now.  Check.  Pretty exciting that I got to do all those things AND enjoy some Holiday Nog.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you to Lydia Marie from Shopping and Spreadsheets for pointing me toward this amazing recipe.  It promises to be a brand new holiday tradition in our household.  Lydia, YOU'RE part of our Christmas from here on out whether you like it or not!! {Wait, is that too weird? Have I just pushed the boundaries of a bloggy friendship??}

Are you a fan of Egg Nog? 
And have you ever tried to make it from scratch?