Oh Christmas Trees

I blame it on years of watching the Christmas tree in the Nutcracker grow super-sized. Years of seeing that magical - though entirely imaginary - tree appear has given me an affinity for enormous Christmas trees.

Our current living situation and my ever-present laziness makes having a gigantic tree difficult this year. But thankfully, there is an abundance of super-sized trees around Chicago's Loop that have more than accommodated my evergreen need.

On the ninth Day of Christmas I fawned over nine magnificent trees in Chicago.

Our Little Tree Daley Plaza Christmas Tree
Our Mini Tree | The Daley Plaza Stunner

Intercontinental Hotel Christmas Tree Christmas Tree near Pioneer Court
The Intercontinental Tree | The Tree near the Trib

Palmer House Christmas Tree Walnut Room Christmas Tree
The Palmer House Tree | The Walnut Room Tree

900 N Michigan Christmas Tree Hancock Christmas Tree
The tree in 900 N. Michigan | The Hancock Center Tree

Willis Tower Christmas Tree
The Willis Tower (aka The Sears Tower) Christmas Tree
~ Don't tell the others, but this one is my favorite ~

Sound off: What color are the lights on your Christmas tree?