The City of Chicago is Bigger Than You Think

Today I'm thrilled to share a guest post written by my friend and fellow blogger Heather of Smart Savvy Style. Heather calls Chicago home and today she's setting the record straight about "city" life.


I get asked at least once a week about life in the suburbs.
  • Which suburb do you live in again?
  • How do you like living in the suburbs?
  • Oh, I bet you have a big backyard since you are in the ‘burbs!
  • How long is your commute in to the city?
  • Oh, you mean, you come all the way in to the city to do X, Y, or Z?

The best part? I live in the city.

Most transplants assume that if you don’t live in the loop, or perhaps Lakeview, you must be in the suburbs. And while there are lots of lovely neighborhoods “in the city,” there are also lots of lovely neighborhoods, well, in the city.

I am not knocking transplants. I am also a Chicago transplant, originally from Alabama. I would love to live in Old Town with the beautiful homes close to the lake and a Starbucks or brunch place on every corner. At least then, people would know I’m in the city.

But, I don’t.

I married a real Chicagoan, born and raised. And we live in a neighborhood where Chicagoans have yards and garages and parking. We even have a Starbucks or two.

we have restaurants and bars

we have national landmarks
...and yes, this is a national landmark in my mind.

we even have public transit
The Jefferson Park Transit Center includes a large CTA bus terminal, 
access to the blue line, and a Metra stop

I still consider myself new to the city, and I often spend time in your neighborhoods, exploring the museums, restaurants, and sports teams. I think your neighborhoods are fun, lively areas.

But there is life beyond the loop because, you see, Chicago is bigger than you think.


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