Thankful Things

A few weeks ago we took a trip back to Chattanooga to catch up with friends and check to see if our house is still standing. It was one of those whirlwind trips we're so good at taking. It was the kind where we probably spend more time in the car than at our destination. But every mile of highway we covered was worth it to spend time with the people we love.

Who would have ever imagined I could say, "Some of my best friends are Southerners?"

one fell swoop

Because our time was so limited we decided to organize a few group activities in the hope of seeing as many people as we could. The plan worked nicely, though I'll admit it turned out to be one of those trips where you're so busy enjoying the company you forget to take pictures.

sweet babies

When it was all over and we were driving home exhausted but content I found myself in awe. I wasn't  in awe of how wonderful my friends are. I mean, they are. (even the ones that I didn't get any pictures of...) I was in awe of how much has changed. I'm in awe of the prayers that have been answered in the short time that I've been away.

Sweet moment Sweet girl

There are new homes, jobs, babies, and plans. Things and people that I distinctly remember praying for are now here.

sweet baby

Sure all the answers didn't come in the timing we demanded them. And the answers don't look exactly as we might have imagined. But there are countless answers. And many of those answers are even more perfect than we might have dreamed.

squishy baby

I've found myself clinging to that thought this week. As we wrestle with news of a family member in a wicked health battle, I'm clinging to the comfort of prayer.

I'm not about to claim to be an expert on prayer. Believe me, I've got lots of questions about how it all works. But there is one thing I've come to understand. Whether we get the answer we want or we don't, we get an answer. Whether we get the answer in our timing or not, we get an answer. And the answers, though sometimes difficult to swallow, will grow us, will change us, and will draw us closer to our heavenly father if we allow them to.

Sweet boy sweet friends

So today I'm thankful...not just for the trip to Chattanooga and the time with friends. And I'm not just thankful for the lessons that crazy town continues to teach me even after we've left. I'm thankful for the comfort of prayer and the privilege to see it shape my life and the lives of those around me.

What are you thankful for this week?