Mmm Mmm Monday: Surprising Spinach

On Friday afternoon, we took an architecture walking tour that made a stop at The Berghoff (17 W Adams St., the Loop) for a little bit of Chicago history. The Berghoff is a Chicago institution that serves German - and a bit of American - cuisine.

We were feeling very Chicago-pride-ish after the tour. So we headed back to the fourth generation run restaurant for a quick meal.

Here are a few things I learned about The Berghoff:
  • It's original owner started his business by selling nickel beers with a free sandwich at the World's Fair in 1893.
  • The Berghoff "near beer" sold at the restaurant during prohibition is still sold today as Root beer. (and you can get one for FREE if you check in using Foursquare!)
  • After Prohibition the Berghoff received liquor license #1.
  • The Berghoff had a separate "males only" bar until 1969. Yes, you read that correctly, 1969.
But here's what I'll remember the most about the Berghoff:

Berghoff Creamed Spinach

That creamed spinach totally rocked my world. I know, it sounds crazy. But there's a dash of nutmeg and probably a pound of butter and vat of cream that will tickle your tastebuds and make you a fan.

After a co-worker and our tour guide raved about the spinach I knew I had to order it. When I did, the gentleman at the table beside us said he's been coming back for more than sixty years for that spinach. After a few bites I could see why.

When was the last time some creamed spinach made YOU write a blog post about it?