Road Trip Recap

Last weekend, the handsome hubby and I set off on a road trip. I bet you've been sitting on the edge of your seat wondering where we were headed, haven't you?

Well, your wait is over. I'm here with all the dirt.

Road Trip Pit Stop

We drove North through Wisconsin (which was surprisingly picturesque) and ended up in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Unfortunately, about two hours into the drive I reached for my camera only to discover I'd left it back in Chicago. But we didn't let that stop us from documenting the trip. We stopped and bought a few disposable cameras and continued on our merry way.

confetti | lasers | light up bracelets
fantastic effects almost as great as the band

Friday night we saw Coldplay in concert!

Yes, we drove to Minneapolis to see them even though
they'd been in Chicago earlier that week.

Twin Cities Rail

We spent Saturday afternoon at the Mall of America. No sales tax on clothing or shoes, a selection of roller coasters and I mean, come on, it's the MALL OF AMERICA enticed us to spend a few hours exploring it.

Mall of America

Lego Sculptures in Mall of America

Enormous Lego sculptures were an unanticipated bonus.

holy puffy-faced, early morning, pre-coffee face!!
This is clearly an instance where being able to see the picture immediately would have come in handy.

This trip meant that I'm one step closer to visiting all 50 states! Yay for progress on my Ultimate To DO list.

Any adventures in Minneapolis you can share?