Mmm Mmm Monday: Dinger Dogs

We also got a chance to catch a Twins game while we were on our road trip to Minneapolis.

Target Field

I bet you couldn't guess that an important part of our ball park experience is dinner.

dingerdog & fries

At Target Field we got Dinger Dogs. Dinger Dogs aren't your average hot dogs. They're foot long hot dogs!

helmet full of nachos

We also stuffed ourselves with Nachos.  In case it's tough to see (disposable camera problems) that is an adult sized batting helmut filled with ooey, gooey Nachos.

Indulgent or what?

banner of shame

In 1987, the Minnesota Twins beat the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series. Therefore, I hereby dub that banner the banner of shame.

Check - Target Field

How Target Field Measures Up 
Hot Dog: The Dinger Dog was definitely filling. I'm not going to say it was the tastiest dog I've ever tried, but it definitely gets points for being nearly two dogs in one!

Nachos: Again, here, they get high points for quantity. Yellow corn chips, nacho cheese, ground beef and jalapeƱos...and lots of it. And plenty of novelty points for being served in a batting helmet.

Most Obvious Sponsor Presence: The Twins play in Target Field... but Budweiser, US Bank and Best Buy had a very visible presence also.

Unique to Target Field: During one of the innings they had a little boy helping with announcer duties.  He called out each player before their at bat started. It was pretty stinking cute.

Our trip to Target Field means another stadium crossed off the list and another major league culinary experience. What the sports fans in the twin cities might be missing in flavor they certainly make up for in portion size. Perhaps they're packing in the calories for the cold weather on the horizon.

Are you totally grossed out that we ingested that much junk food during 9 innings?

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