Out and Out Bribery - With a Bit of Random Running Rambling

I mentioned on twitter, Facebook, the blog, and to anyone who would listen that I started running again last week.

My friend Angie suggested that setting goals is what is keeping her running. I realized she was right. So, I took my friend Heather up on her offer and signed up for my first 5K. Knowing that I've registered will be good incentive to keep training. 

On August 25th I'm running (and maybe walking a little) the Traffick Free 5K. It will definitely be an early morning, but I'm actually pretty excited.
I'm so excited in fact, on Saturday afternoon (my first "off day" this week) I actually thought to myself, "I'd really like to go out for a run today."


I'm fully aware though, that I won't be so excited to get my buns off the couch and run every day. With that in mind, I've promised myself a few little goodies to keep running interesting.

Seriously, let's just call it what it is - out and out bribery.

Running Bribes

After several recommendations, I'm planning a trip to Fleet Feet sometime soon. The only other time I've been fitted for running shoes was at Fleet Feet in St. Louis, so I'm looking forward to the experience again.

It's like I told the hubby tonight, "I'm getting old." Truth is, if I'm going to be running I need to invest in some good shoes. I've got to protect these old bones.

I'm hoping the shoes that are perfect for my feet are as adorable as these neon pink Nikes. *crossing my fingers and toes*

Thanks to Cait from Pretty and Fun for suggesting the ear buds! Looking forward to adding those to my gear. Speaking of Cait, she's running the Chicago Marathon for the American Cancer Society's DetermiNation. Have you sponsored her yet?

If you're a runner in Chicago (or somewhere else), you really should run the Traffick Free 5K on August 25th with me! What do you think?

The registration fee is discounted until the 11th but even if you register after, the money is going to such a great cause, it's worth a little bit extra. To learn more about Traffick Free and register for the run, visit their website.

Any tips for preparing for my first 5K?