One, Two, Three Times the Fun

This was the kind of weekend that requires another weekend to recover from it.

Do you know the kind I mean?

Friends at Cloudgate

Over the course of four days, we got to visit with three different groups of friends. All three were traveling through Chicago. All three we know and love from our dating years in St. Louis. And none of them knew they were going to run into each other.

Crazy, right?

From Thursday night through Sunday morning, much merriment was made.

Untitled Untitled

Chicago is such a great town in which to entertain friends. There was no shortage of ideas regarding what to do.

Matt*, who stayed with us all weekend, suggested that we rent bikes on Friday and go for a ride along Lake Michigan. Having not ridden a bike in about 6 years, I was a bit nervous.

Sail boats

The incredible views quickly calmed my nerves.

The riding itself was less difficult than I anticipated. I was even able to snap a few pictures with my phone while tooling along. But, true confession time: my butt hurt for days after. OUCH!!

Regardless of the pain, I consider the outing a huge success. Not only was it a beautiful afternoon, the hubby said he wants to get bikes. Score! Padded shorts, here I come.

What kept you busy this weekend?

*Consider this is the first of three specifically requested
"weekend wrap up" posts appearing on the blog this week.
Anything to make you smile, Matt!