Extended Holiday Celebrations!

At first I was kind of weirded out by the fact that July 4th was falling on a Wednesday. But then I realized that Wednesday might be the perfect day for a summertime holiday.

This way, we get two "holiday" weekends plus a day in the middle of the week to celebrate too!

We spent the first holiday weekend, which really bled into the beginning of the week, hosting a very special house guest. Miss Lexi traveled the back roads of Kentucky and Indiana (thanks to her GPS) all the way to Chicago for a short - but fun - visit.

Lexi in the City
a. Of COURSE there was plenty of Chicago sight seeing
b. It was REALLY nice to have someone else around taking pictures of everything we ate
c. She introduced me to Kim a new friend in the Chicago area
d. ... I don't have to wait too long to see Lexi again

How are you spending your Holiday?

Virtual holiday party, anyone?