Thankful Thursday/ Episode 56

After living in Chattanooga for more than a year, I had developed just a hand full of acquaintances. There were one or two friendships that were developing but I worried that I would NEVER build relationships that became lifelong or that ran deep. It was a major source of stress in my life. As an adult it’s not easy to meet people and make friends. And after a year I began to reek of desperation.

Enter Lexi.

She came into the pregnancy center where I was working just to learn more about the organization and share a little about a ministry where she was volunteering at the time. We sat down to simply swap some information and more than an hour later we realized that perhaps we should grab a cup of coffee sometime. I think we talked about work a little bit that day. But mostly we just laughed and learned about each other. She was new to Chattanooga too, except she liked it. This mere fact alone intrigued me. REALLY? Like, LIKED IT, liked it? It completely amazed me.

Our friendship has continued to grow over the past few years and today I just wanted to take a minute to say how happy I am about that.

Episode 56: “Today I am thankful for … Lexi.”

If you’ve been visiting A Foreign Land for any length of time, you’ve gotten to enjoy some of Miss Lexi’s beautiful photography. She foolishly generously agreed to help during Spring Fashion Week and did such a fantastic job that I roped her into Summer Fashion Week too! She made me pretty. For that alone I will be eternally grateful.

But, see the thing with Lexi is her photography is just ONE of many, many gifts that she shares with the world. Lexi is hysterically funny, blatantly honest, compassionate, humble and fully in love with Christ. Lexi is someone who is able to give sound advice using Scripture without making it seem like she’s preaching at you. She is the first to admit she has yucky faults but is also admirably surrendered to her Savior as He works on them daily. She definitely doesn’t take herself too seriously and is a self proclaimed “awkward” girl, which is totally refreshing. Lexi is fiercely loyal, tough as nails and did I mention blatantly honest? Oh ya, I did. It’s something I truly love about her. She is able to knock me down a peg or two in a split second without coming off as hateful or mean spirited. Her yes is yes and her no is no and I rarely wonder where I stand with her. There’s just no drama. And that is a treat. She is a devoted wife, encouraging friend and a beautiful woman of God.
And I get to call her friend!! How fortunate am I??

So today, I am thankful.