What I learned this Weekend

Shedd Aquarium Line

When the line attendants at the Shedd Aquarium tell you that it will be a 45 min - 1 hour wait that might be a conservative estimate.

Looooong Line

When you have hours to wait in line, you have time to discover all of your camera's tricks and take a memory card's worth of pictures.

Shedd Aquarium - Gigantic Crab

Spending time at the Aquarium just makes me think of dinner.

Late Night Advice on the CTA

When you're eight and a half months pregnant, everyone has advice to share about your pregnancy and your sex life. (including total strangers eating gummy worms on the the bus at eleven o'clock at night)

Chicago Cab Ride

While riding in a Chicago city cab it's best to touch as little of its interior as possible.

Michigan & Wacker ~ Chicago River

When it comes to butchering a pig - some people like to keep the butt whole.

I'm a 12 year old

Basically I'm a 12 year old boy in a 30 something woman's body.

Did you learn anything new this weekend?