Thoughts on this Day of Memory

This post was originally published back in 2009... 
Here's a little bit of {long} weekend rewind. 

I guess I’ve always kind of taken for granted the sacrifices made by the men and women who've fought and died for our country. Before marrying the handsome hubby, Memorial Day was not much more than the third day of a long weekend. He has helped me to understand the importance of the holiday, and has encouraged me to recognize and appreciate all that we enjoy as a result of the sacrifices of others. Today we took a walk through the national cemetery not far from our house. It is pretty staggering to see all the grave sites. And I love that they recognize the veterans with flags at each stone. The cemetery is really beautiful. Is that morbid?

In case you think it is... I’m changing the subject slightly. Brian comes from a long line of men who served in the armed forces. Two grandfathers and his father were all military men. He followed in the family tradition and served seven years as a Marine. Pretty impressive. There’s no way I could have survived boot camp! Plus, check out how hot he looked in his uniform.

While looking for this picture, I found his boot camp graduation shot from 1994. It got me thinking about what I was doing in 1994. {blush} I briefly considered posting his boot camp picture next to one of my high school party pics. But I changed my mind with a quickness. I decided that not only would it be disrespectful, it would probably prevent me from ever running for public office...

Anyhooo, in a life where I focus on starlets and rock stars regularly, it’s days like today that I recognize individuals who actually are heroes. I was totally inspired by Roy foster's story.

Check out this video about his REAL LIFE heroics.

Thank you to my husband and to all the amazing men and women who serve our country both at home and abroad. It is an amazing privilege to live in the United States.


Hope you're enjoying your extended weekend!