If You Need Us This Weekend...

I'm not sure if you've heard, but this weekend Chicago is hosting a convention. Now, if you believe the local news, we should all be bracing for NATO Armageddon. I'm more of an "always look on the bright side of life" kind of gal. Sure, I've seen articles about city wide evacuation plans, extra police officers are pouring into the city from neighboring states, and some protests have already gotten a little unpleasant. But I'm choosing to believe that come Monday night things will settle down and life will go on.

That being said, if you need us this weekend, we'll be holed up at our place. The map below illustrates exactly why. The "O" is McCormick Place. It's the convention center where a majority of the NATO summit is going to be taking place. The "X" is our building. Bad news, all those red lines mean a lot of street closures and parking restrictions. Good news, we just might have a bird's eye view of the madness from our balcony.

We've talked about the possibility of heading out of town if things start to look dicey. That still seems like it's going to be totally unnecessary though. Instead we're treating NATO like a blizzard and battening down the hatches. I'm headed to the library this afternoon to get a few new books. We've got a quintessential Chicago Netflix on the way (Ferris Bueller, anyone?). The 'fridge will be packed with lots of "who needs to eat out?" food and we don't plan on going anywhere.

If you're in Chicago, what are your plans for this crazy weekend?
If you're not in Chicago, can we come stay with you if all hell breaks loose?