And Just Like That - They Were Gone

NATO and its craziness has come and gone. Happily, just as I hoped, things settled down last night and life is back to normal. As quickly as the barricades went up, they all came back down.

Thanks to the incredible work of the Chicago Police Department and the largely peaceful and respectful behavior of the protesters, it was even safe enough to venture out and snap a few pictures during the festivities.

Salt trucks lined up for NATO in Chicago

Protection for Protesters
Even Protesters Need Their SPF

Speakers at NATO gathering in Grant Park


Protect and Serve

NATO March in the South Loop
My first Protest March - I just took pictures

Police in Riot Gear

Sunday's NATO March in Chicago

Feeling kind of grateful to have witnessed history. Feeling even more grateful that it's over.

Have you ever been involved in a march?

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