Mmm Mmm Monday: Jam

There is no question - brunch is the new black. In a city jam packed with options it isn't easy to stand out from the crowd. I happily discovered that Jam, in Logan Square, has figured out the recipe to do just that. Take one part Chef Jeffrey Mauro, add a dash of cheerful, knowledgeable staffing and serve it all up in a space designed by Jerry Suqi. The result is pure brunch delight.

Located in Logan Square, Jam (3057 W Logan Blvd) grabs you from the moment you walk through its door. With a predominately modern aesthetic that include bright lime pops of color, it is clear when you walk through the door that this is no greasy spoon breakfast joint. The space communicates a sophisticated attention to detail that becomes more and more apparent with every bite of your meal.

Banana bread w chocolate ganache | Amuse bouche at Jam
An amuse bouche of Banana Bread with just a taste of rich dark chocolate

Whitefish Quiche @ Jam in Logan Square
Lemon Cured Whitefish Quiche
The waiter said, "Go ahead and take a picture. People do it all the time."

This "side" salad will change your culinary life | Jam in Logan Square Chicago
Pickled Red Onion and Bagel Chip Panzanella

My whitefish quiche was the stuff brunchy dreams are made of. Its flaky crust and bright citrus accents were spot on. It was garnished with black lava sea salt that gave it just the bite it needed. The quiche is served with a pickled red onion and bagel chip panzanella that quite frankly, I found even better than the quiche. I'm a sucker for a salty treat and the panzanella had fried capers throughout its mixed greens. The peppery arugula, capers and crunchy bagel chips were such a lovely accompaniment to the fluffy, white fish laced quiche. I fell quickly, deeply in love and now understand why my friend, Kimberly (who suggested Jam), said she had been dreaming about it all week.

Pineapple French Toast | Jam in Logan Square Chicago
Malted Custard French Toast

But the yumminess didn't stop at the quiche. We ended the meal with an order of french toast. Jam's french toast is so much more than your average, everyday french toast. Chef Mauro dips the bread in malted custard before grilling it to perfection. While the outside of the bread crisps, inside it becomes gooey and decadent. Ours was served with a pineapple, cranberry chutney and lime zested cream. The combination resulted in the perfect marriage of sweet and tart and was an ideal ending to a superb meal.

Jam is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
I suggest we try all three.
 Meet you there?