Quick Bloglette

Back in October I made a Day Zero list. {You can read about it here} Basically the challenge is to accomplish 101 things in 1001 days. The list was meant to be loads of fun, not a ton of pressure, and just a way to jump start my imagination and "do something" with free time.

I realized yesterday that I'm nearing the one year anniversary of the creation of the list. One year equals one third of the way through when you're talking about 1001 days. Here's the thing, I've only accomplished 8, that's right EIGHT, items on the list so far. Yikes. Not quite the progress one might have expected when you consider just how much "free" time I'm kicking around on a daily basis.

The handsome hubby & I at the Smithsonian
#41 on the List - check

I had a bit of a moment of, "what the heck?" yesterday. But then quickly remembered that this is for fun and rather than freak out, I got down to business. (or fun as the case may be)

I tell you all this because I was fresh out of ideas to blog about today one of the items on MY list is to encourage someone else to make a day zero list. That being the case, I thought I'd throw it out there. Any list makers in blog land interested in adding an arbitrary deadline and some fun "to dos" to your life's schedule? Or perhaps you already made a list after I posted about Day Zero the first time.  If either is true, fess up and I'll cross my ninth item off my list.

Anyone? Anyone?