Pins I've ACTUALLY Used

Since finally receiving my invitation to Pinterest five short months ago, I've spent a helluva lot bit of time enjoying the site almost daily. Just like so many of you, I've stumbled on yummy recipes, crafty projects, and more than enough inspiring entertaining ideas to host a different soiree every week! I was feeling a bit guilty about the time suckage that the site had become. But then I decided to put together a record of all the pins that I've actually used since getting hooked on the fantastic site. If I see that the time has been well spent and yielded amazing rewards, maybe I won't feel so guilty about pinning all the time. Give me a break, I said, "Maybe." Would you mind indulging me in the attempted justification of my latest addiction?

Source: blogchef.net via Molly

Mexican Stuffed Shells
These are super duper easy to make and a great twist on your average stuffed shells. Plus, there is always left over meat when we have Taco night. Now, I just add a little bit of rice and stretch it into another meal. Thrifty and yummy. Win, win.

Source: kayotic.nl via Molly

Stuffed Zucchini
Apparently I'm drawn to recipes with the word "stuffed" in them.  Now, I've never been a huge fan of zucchini, but this was a delicious way to enjoy the veggie that is so abundant and affordable during the summer months. I highly recommend it.

"I Love You" Dry Erase Board
I'm definitely not the only blogger out there to have attempted this little DIY project. Carrie made one also and from what I've read, she and her hubby are having as much fun as we are with it. It's definitely fun to surprise the man with some words of affirmation regularly! Plus, he's gotten in on the fun too! Yay for being in love.

Rainbow Fruity Kabobs
This is such a pretty way to serve a healthy and delicious party app. I can't believe I had never thought of this simple and beautiful snack before.  Isn't that what Pinterest is? A collection of all the ideas we could have or should have had ourselves? Anyway, I served these for a bridal shower and they were definitely a hit.

Enough Said

Source: allrecipes.com via Molly

Patriotic Strawberries
I served these lovelies at a different bridal shower last summer.  Cute, right? The only hiccup is that I prepared them the night before the shower and refrigerated them. But then the strawberries started to sweat at the party and the blue crystals bled all over platter. it was a little bit less than appetizing. Moral of the story, either make them right before the party or DON'T refrigerate them?

Source: daydreamlily.com via Molly

Doily Envelopes
These ultra feminine, delicate little envelopes were simple to create and absolutely perfect to use as bridal shower invitations. I'm not sure I would send them through the mail, but as hand delivered notes they were utter perfection. They set the perfect tone for a perfectly ladylike event.

Easy Up do
This is the perfect 'do for fine, straight hair. I styled my hair this way for the wedding we went to in Savannah this summer. It was impervious to the humidity and hours of dancing. I plan to try it again when we see War Horse this week.  (Did I mention we're seeing War Horse on Broadway TONIGHT?!?!? Eeeeee!!!)

Easy Microwave Clean Up
THIS WORKS! I just tried it last week and it made cleaning our disgusting microwave easier than it's ever been. Yay for labor saving tips! Oh and yay for clean microwaves.

Balloons from the Ceiling
This might be my favorite pin yet. I kind of wish I could hang balloons from my ceiling every day. It was totally simple and it made our dining room look magical. We started hanging balloons the night before but then stopped after about ten of them were up because we were afraid the balloons would wilt overnight. Turns out they didn't. So when you use this idea (and you should) feel free to hang the balloons the night before the event. You can take my word on it.

Source: sharedsugar.com via Molly

German Chocolate Icing
I can't vouch for the cake, but the icing is super, duper yummy. Now, I didn't include the nuts because, well, blech. But the icing was coconutty goodness and completely disappeared in no time. Suffice it to say it was a crowd pleaser.

What's the best pin you've come across so far?