Fall Fashion Week: VI

A few weeks ago, as I was perusing the September issues, I came across a feature in InStyle.  It was called "Layering Made Simple" and it suggested that this fall, long layers over long layers (among other layering combinations) were the thing.


As I flipped through the feature, this outfit was conceived.


Problem is, in preparation for this post I could not find the trend mentioned ANYWHERE else on the Internet. Not even InStyle.com posted pictures that I could find!


Oh well, at least I got a funky new combo to throw into the repertoire. Although, I'm not sure I'll be putting too much faith in the long layers over long layers trend.


You know what I do put faith in? I have faith in the photography of one Miss Lexi.  We spent just a few minutes together yesterday taking photos and I ended up with this post! I was snarky and not in the mood to get my picture taken. But what can I say? She brings out my silly. (thank you, Lexi.)

The week is almost up, but there's still time to check out Emery and all the other fashionable ladies participating in fall fashion week.  Maybe you should even throw a little ditty together and join in the fun tomorrow!!! Better late than never...