Fall Fashion Week: V

I learned a very valuable lesson last night while out doing Karaoke.
(Yes, I do Karaoke until midnight on Tuesday nights. I'm a real party girl.)


Trying to take outfit pics in a bar is not easy.


Most of the pictures look like this.
(Although, now that I think about it, I might have looked like that to a few patrons of the establishment...)


So, here's what I have for you.


I submit to you a few rather blurry and totally silly photos of myself and some of my favorite ladies putting on a pretty killer show.
(We sang Ace of Base - The Sign and Outkast - Hey Ya! in case you were wondering.)

Top: F21 :: Black Capris: Express
Brown Moc Croc Heels: Unlisted
Plethora of Jewelry Inspired by Atlantic Pacific


Thanks to Miss Lexi who dreamt up and organized such a fun, fun evening. 

Ideal fall fashion week photos? No. But pictures that are worth 1000 words and memories to last a lifetime? For sure.

Do you have a go-to Karaoke jam?