Under the Influence

I have a very suggestible brain.
{please don't use that admission against me with any Jedi mind voodoo, okay?}

I first began to notice just how susceptible to suggestion I was a few weeks ago.  Lately I've been watching Gilmore Girls.  I never got into the series when it originally aired, so it's been a treat to get to enjoy it in its entirety and at my leisure on DVD.  Ahhhhhhh, technological creature comforts, how I love thee.  If you've ever watched the show you must be aware that its two main characters are coffee crazy.

It's so true.  Between Lorelai and Rory there must be ten cups of coffee consumed per episode.  And if they aren't drinking it, they're talking about it.  Coffee, Coffee, everywhere Coffee.

Don't believe me?

At first I didn't even realize what all this coffee talk was doing to me.  I would just innocently enough, crave a cup whenever I was watching an episode.  I didn't put two and two together until one night while watching an episode after dinner I went to put on a fresh pot.  This was a problem. Here's the thing, I love coffee.  I drink at least a cup a day, nay; I relish at least a cup a day.  Coffee is a vice I willingly picked up after saying goodbye to every other chemical crutch in my life.  However, I've learned that coffee is a morning/daytime drink for me.  As a person who struggles with sleep and loves her coffee strong and full of sugary creamer, I try to avoid coffee once the sun goes down.  A craving for coffee at night could mean only ONE THING.  Those rascally Gilmore Girls had invaded my brain and I had weakly fallen prey to their suggestive coffee banter!

Now, obviously, having a brain that is susceptible to suggestion isn't all that bad when you're just talking coffee.  Well, unless you're a Mormon, of course. {Apologies if you're Mormon - What? They're ALL OVER the blogosphere - and you KNOW I'm right.} But there are temptations out there that are far, far more dangerous than coffee, my friends.

Enter Mad Men.

As I've mentioned before, I have a history of affinity for chemical vices.  Thankfully there was one particular one that I never picked up.  Tobacco. I never was a cigarette smoker. Blech. They tasted bad, made me smell bad AND gave me an awful headache. Add to all that the price of a pack and smoking cigarettes was never something that tempted me.

Well, until yesterday when I was watching an episode of Mad Men! Why on earth did I suddenly want a cigarette? The answer is simple. My brain is just one giant suggestion box.  And it seems Don Draper and his cancer sticks are stuffing it full of comment cards.

Thankfully, I'm on to you, Cast of Mad Men. Damn you all, with your witty banter and amazing wardrobes, sitting in your fantastically kitschy, period perfect sets while smoking those cigarettes and making them seem seductively sexy.  You aren't snaring me. You can keep your dirty cigarettes (or the even grosser "clove" variety that you claim to use as substitutes during filming). I'll be quite content here on the couch with my cup of joe.

Be honest, have you ever craved a cigarette after/while watching Mad Men?