What a Girl Wants

If you listen to pop radio as much as I do (cut me some slack it's research for work and I love it) you've surely heard commercials for the I *heart* radio Application that Clear Channel is constantly force feeding us advertising.

Because most pop radio tends to be little more than a rotation of about 10-15 of the same songs, I never understood the need for such an application on my phone.


Last week in St. Louis I got utterly hooked on 100.3 GenX Radio.  It's an entire station devoted to playing the music that was popular during my high school and extended college career.  I have one word for you: magical.  GenX Radio plays grunge, hip hop, hair bands and all the cheesy pop you can stomach.  It is out of control.  We're talking about Nirvana, Beastie Boys, Guns N' Roses and U2 just to name a few.

The radio station just launched in December of 2010.  Needless to say, it has been a highlight of my trips back home ever since.  It has also prompted one or two unexpected flash backs as I drive around the city of my youth listening to its music.  But each time I drive out of St. Louis to head back to Chattanooga I feel a stab of pain somewhere in Southern Illinois when the static takes over and the Pearl Jam is quieted.  Sure, my iPod is full of much of this iconic music and I could put it on shuffle. But there is something so intoxicating about hearing Pump Up the Jam unexpectedly after a commercial break or getting the DJ's take on Bust A Move 20 years later.

Well, no longer do I have to shed a tear as I leave GenX Radio behind.  Now I can listen to all my jams in my car whenever I want to thanks to I *heart* Radio.  Just today I heard She Talks to Angels followed by California Love.  Does it get much better than that? The obvious answer is, "No."  Don't let yourself miss out on all the fun.  GenX Radio will have you reminiscing and smiling (unless you're waaaaaaaaay to young to appreciate the musical genius of Ace of Base)! Come on just admit it, who doesn't need a little more Bell Biv DeVoe in their life?  GenX Radio scratches that itch, my friend.

{this one in particular made me smile. enjoy}

Alright, so prove how old I am... what were YOU listening to in high school and college?